Saturday, February 10, 2007

42_segélycsomagok / aid parcels

42_aid parcels
Loads of cardboard boxes
arrive to the Skulpturenpark from Hungary
-> little object
ideas bound into books
drawings, a framed painting
-> the same set in each box…
-> distribute among the needy

41_koporsóvezeték / coffin pipeline

41_coffin pipeline
-> a long, winding coffin (like a water pipeline)
or in a formation, a pattern or image
beside it, an ornamented, continuous, long coffin
of the same shape and size,
branching in a tree structure

40_előtte utána / before after

40_before after
giant poster
both are pitch-black

39_egyfokú mozgólépcső / one-step escalator

39_one-step escalator

38_tüntető építkező / demonstrating road worker

38_demonstrating road worker

37_szent györgy tábla / saint george sign

37_saint george sign
St. George sign
(transformed road under construction sign)

36_gödör / pit

an enormous pit typically dug
at the beginning stage of constructions
-> it’s two sides are connected by such red-and-white
plastic ropes as those that divide swimming pool lanes
(the aquarelle painting is just an illustration)

35_itt a piros hol a piros / the shell game

35_The shell game
-> set up a table
the artist itself is the sly dealer
he loses all 2000 EUR in about 20 minutes

34_santa klaus

34_Santa Claus
Damien Hirst paraphrase
-> The virgin mother style
-> Santa Claus
-> his bag contains his organs

33_bunjee jumping

33_bungee jumping
Set up a bungee jumping site in Skulpturenpark ->
a certain ethnicity can jump for free
(Gypsies? Turks? other?)
(Ungarnstreicheln Gruppe)

32_feles zászlók / "shot"-flags

in a marquee or at a ceremony
lot of drink, alcohol, spirits making up national flags
for example Hungarian:
red - wine,
white - pálinka (Hungarian spirit),
green - absint
Unicum, Wine, Limoncello
Fanta and Powerade

31_kincsek / treasures

divide the 2000 EUR into 10-20-50 or 100
or more pieces by some method
buy or make “treasures” with these
bury these around the area of Skulpturenpark
circulate flyers in the neighbourhood
one side -> where S.P. is
other side -> where treasure is
(not so simply though…)

30_zsidó elsőbbség / yield for jews

30_yield for jews
-> two “yield” signs rotated on top of each other


29_ha ha ha!
how odd that the anarchy symbol sprayed on walls everywhere
-> is not transformed into the initials of Adolph Hitler
by two strokes

28_interaktiv installáció / interactive installation

28_interactive installation
-> sand can be sprinkled among cog-wheels

27_félkész / semi-finished

semi-finished installation
-> process
-> action-object
set decorators, workers, prop men, artist
-> they keep working on it
-> it’s hard to tell whether they’re assembling
or dismantling it
-> it is never finished
-> that is, the finished work of art
is the vibration of the labour itself,
as the OBJECT swells and shrinks

26_összevissza-óra / jumbled clock

26_jumbled clock
-> the numbers on its face are completely jumbled
but the clock still keeps exact time,
for the hands are not moving round clockwise
but keep jerking hectically,
following the topsy-turvy numbers

25_kisorsolt köztéri szobor / public statue of a randomly selected person

25_public statue of a randomly selected person
set up a public statue somewhere
the replica of an ordinary man living somewhere near
and frequenting that place

24_it is now safe...

24_it is now safe…
it is now safe to turn off the existence

23_bódé / booth

-> If you have a booth or room
that you don’t need to pay for,
you can prepare food all day long.
You sell them for as much as they cost,
you can eat too, then go for a stroll,
think, love or sleep at your place,
the end.

22_aprópénz-szökőkút / coin fountain

22_coin fountain
machines automating the tossing of coins,
lined up around an area that makes up a fountain
-> they shoot coins in the air that would be thrown in a fountain
(the launching apparatus is in the bottom of dish-like structures,
so that the coins always fall back “in place”)

21_reklámkoporsó / advertising coffin

21_advertising coffin
-> a coffin on a catafalque
-> covered in advertisement stickers
like a Formula 1 car

20_glóriagép / halo image

20_halo image
-> a floating halo hung or lifted into the space
-> can be stood under
(a spinning dot of light?)
(or for reclining saints)
(or just there on the ground, left behind)

19_pöckölő kéz / flipping hand

19_flipping hand
sculpture - the index finger slowly gets bended in
and then powerfully flings out
(like an enlarged real flip).
passers-by can place anything in front of it...
the sculpture flips it away

18_vetítő-iglu / projector-igloo

a projector igloo-tent
image or video projected
on the bottom of igloo camping tents
from a pit below

17_köztéri tamagocsi / public tamagotchi

17_public tamagotchi
tamagotchi – god
-> lots of people need to feed it in order
for it to stay alive

16_just do it

16_just do it
weave a real hangman’s rope out of heaps of shoelaces
(“I watch my shoes, shoelaces on,
it just cannot be a prison” PETRI)

15_lobogó / fluttering flag

15_fluttering flag
-> a powerful fan makes a white flag flutter
-> a picture or video is projected on it
(flags, texts, etc.)

14_madáretető-rakéták / bird feeder rockets

14_bird feeder rockets
bird-feeder rocket

13_bevásárlókocsi-kalitkák / shopping cart cages

13_shopping cart cages
shopping cart cage
-> with grate on top as well
-> bird
-> sepia
-> little mirror

12_köztéri alvázszobor / public statue out of a chassis

12_public statue out of a chassis
the chassis of an old Eastern European model
-> with an open top (?), people can sit inside
-> the engine keeps running
-> fuel is always kept refilled

11_kolbászból kerítés / fence of sausage

11_fence of sausage
a fence made from sausages

10_a világ leghosszabb akasztófakötele / the world’s longest hangman’s rope

10_the world’s longest hangman’s rope
-> hangs from the moon down to Earth right above Skulpturenpark
-> with a chair underneath


-> that booth on the streets for instant ID photos
-> but the picture is taken by a camera obscura
-> for this one needs to sit immobile for 5-10 or more minutes
-> having an ID photo made becomes a sort of meditation

08_arkhimédesz szoborpark / archimedes statue park

08_archimedes statue park
politicians, celebrities, architect guys
(connected to the parcels) (or anyone)
pedestals with the heap of soil displaced by
the body of the corresponding chosen person
“… Every body immersed in earth
Loses from its weight
As much as the earth
Displaced by it weighs…”
(Archimedes’ principle)

07_aprópénzre váltani / coin harvest

07_change a large sum
coin harvest
- change the 2000 EUR to 5-10 Cent coins
* coat one side of them in a fluorescent material
-> sprinkle all over Skulpturenpark
* tiny dots of light during the night
* during the day coin reapers may come and harvest

06_fehér zaj / white noise

06_white noise
produce flickering rustle on TV screen in 3D
(the white noise of break in transmission)
-> crumbled STYROFOAM pieces painted grey, black and white
-> sprinkle all over space

05_pedo pride

05_pedo pride
organize a 1 or more day festival
various tents
gloomy music

04_születésnap / birthday

drawing lots among locals,
and throwing a monumental birthday party
for the winner at the Skulpturenpark
-> advertise on a large scale
-> entrance only with present

03_kitaposni nekik az utat / beat the path for them

03_beat the path for them
being there in Berlin,
treading new paths throughout the area of S.P.
walking around 8 hours a day

02_3 kismalac / 3 little pigs

02_3 little pigs
adapt the well-known tale
3 little houses
-> one of brick
-> one of wood
-> one of hay
3 artists (we) live there
the “dumbest” in the hay house,
the clever one in the brick house.
THEY WORK!, they cook

01_ötlettemető / cemetery for ideas

01_cemetery for ideas
make a cemetery at the premises of Skulpturenpark.
-> grave markers, wooden crosses, headstones
-> ideas under the names instead of epitaphs
-> shrine, place of pilgrimage
-> can be expanded
-> benches beside the “graves”


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